The financial industry has engaged in costly deployments of technology to meet customers transactional demands (ATMs, branches, IVR, Home Banking) but many haven’t met yet the standards of “experience” and Omni-Chanelled requires by customers nowadays.... Not prioritizing the mobile phone, the only transactional way available for clients 24 hours, close at hand.
Mobile phones are one of the three most essential personal elements, along with the wallet and the keys. They are present in every banking population and in broad sectors of the unbanked ones. The deployment of infrastructure (network devices), the massive cultural diffusion, and the low cost of access to new technology, will enable financial institutions to take advantage of this business space to their traditional products and innovate generating new ones.

Examples of equity transactional services

Highest finantial industry security cannel through Soft Token
Native application with easy and intuitive navigation for the customer to handle money, pay bills or send money without the need to have 100% of recipient ́s bank information.
Usability guaranteed for all phones on the market, both SmartPhone as featurephones ( basic phones with data access )

Examples of information services

Interaction with the entity ́s social
Cross-selling services, using strategies of real interest to the client ( given its history of usage and activity)
Generate customized marketing actions, achieving greater loyalty

The key is security

Personalized management of communication between the branch and the client (alerts, queries). Using Notifications, SMS, e- mail or application messages as communication roads.
Geolocation solutions or customer services (ATMs , Local adhered to promotions or special services).
Administration of benefits , offers or rewards services