VeriTran Middleware is a mission-critical platform which acquires, authenticates, authorizes and executes secure transactions for web or mobile devices in real time. It is specifically designed for financial and retail transactions, being highly scalable, with high performance, high availability, robustness and built with advanced security. VeriTran Mobile Banking security is focused on software, achieving secure transactions on any mobile device, reducing fraud, and allowing to deploy a larger portfolio of services to your customers.



̈"Our technological solution will give you the confidence that your business process needs to all channels”.

By data encryption technology, and its native integration with VeriTran SOFT TOKEN , it ensures transactions providing the same security to all channels (ATM, Web, Mobile, etc).


̈"The best businesses need efficiency and our solution provides it thanks to its capacity of integrating the major quantity of technology features for your benefit ̈

The same platform allows generating solutions for internet and mobile channels to reach mobile payments unifying and improving the Omni-Channelled experience, focused on the user.

Efficient communications, as connectivity between mobile devices or web systems is optimized even on slow networks or areas of poor connectivity. Thereby minimizing the end use costs of data channel.


̈"Your business needs to grow in a simple and innovative way, our solution will provide this tools ̈

It allows to build, publish and manage business applications in a centralized way in order to deliver a highly customizable use. Its architecture is modular, flexible, scalable, and of easy-integration.

Generating universal applications to run on all mobile operating systems and Internet browsers. Native mobile applications run on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry as well as in Feature Phones (J2ME applications).


" ̈Their clients demand, increasingly, a much more complete and global solution. Our solution is to join the missing parts ̈.

The platform allows:

Authenticate users, authorize transactions, connect ATM networks, IVR, Web, and Mobile with its Core systems.

It is extensible and, by understanding the importance of a centralized solution, it provides flexibility and versatility to connect to different networks and systems.