The insertion of mobile phones in all societies has managed to convert it in an indispensable tool in modern life. At the same time, progresses accomplished in the area of telecommunications have allowed man to perform in a much more practical manner tending to use the first technological tool at hand to interact with their surroundings. This has motivated companies to adapt day by day to these new users.
This reality has prompted companies to adapt every day to these new users. For companies to integrate these new users to its business strategy, VeriTran develop a suite of solutions aimed at the financial industry and retailers: VeriTran Suite. With the most innovative, robust and secure technology for Digital Bank and Mobile Payments. Its components:


It is the simple solution that your business needs. Your customers will be able to live classical financial needs with real-time information , such as: bank transfers , remittances, cash flow analysis or balances, pay services , receive financial alerts, interact with customer service , find the nearest branch or ATM , receive benefits, register products, among other possibilities ... easily and safely, as they have never done.

The best Time-to-Market implementation, with a fast integration of different organizational systems.


It is a service that allows its clients to successfully live the Omni-Channel experience with their bank, adding a telephonically application to its operations.

It covers all financial transactions that your customers need : PAY, CHARGE , TRANSFER , WITHDRAW, OBTAIN benefits... being a much more versatile channel than your website, being able to offer more services than these ones.

It is an excellent opportunity to distinguish from others and get clients by its quality service. Decreasing its customer service costs in the subsidiaries and the call center and generating personalized campaigns straight close at hand.


It is a service that allows clients to perform financial transactions (Payments, Collect and\or Withdraw) through the first thing at hand..their mobile phones, without having to be online (connected to the internet) all the time.

It covers the broadest spectrum of relationships: Person- Person (C2C), Person- Enterprises (C2E &E2C), Business – Business (E2E), and Person- Government (P2G & G2P). In this way the widest possible coverage is provided and, therefore, the inclusion of much of the concerned population.

With this solution: Foster fidelity, benefit, integrate, grow... converting your mobile phone into a transactional cannel easy and safe to use.


It is antifraud innovation, fast and accurate, allowing mobile devices to transform the safest identity validation mechanism by generating a onetime off-line password (OTP).

It provides mutual authentication mechanisms, mitigating risks of phishing and Man-In-The-Middle attacks.

It allows and Omni-Chanelled integration (POS, mobile phone, IVR, ATM, BANKS, Home Banking) with a unique security system by providing a second factor authentication (2FA).


It is a platform of development for mobile devices on the web and transaction processing for mission-critical business application, highly scalable, with high performance, high availability, robustness and safest on the market. Allowing making available transactions originated from a mobile device or web and processing them online and in real time.

The main characteristics of the platform are: SAFE, SIMPLE, COMPLETE AND INTEGRATED.

Our business knowledge is the best guarantee of the market TIME-TO-MARKET: our average Integration time is 12 weeks (Under SLA Standards).